Hydrants, Sprinklers & Dry Risers

Fire Safety Direct can design, install and service a wide range of emergency water systems, from Hose Reels, Dry/Wet Risers, Hydrants, Domestic Sprinklers through to Industrial Sprinkler Systems.

Hose Reels, Hydrants, Dry/Wet Risers and Sprinkler systems ensure that water is available quickly to the site to fight fire. They must be serviced and tested regularly to ensure optimum operation in an emergency.

Hose Reels should be tested annually by running out fully and flushing through with water, whilst flushing flow testing should be carried out.

Hydrants should be tested at least annually. Checking flow rates, location of ‘H’ plate cover and frost valve.

Dry Risers should be serviced twice a year.



Sprinklers can be fully automated and integrated alongside Listec® and other fire detection/management systems.

Sprinkler systems should be serviced twice a year along with all associated fire pumps. For systems with potential frost problems we can schedule in seasonal changes to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting, or add in electronic trace heating to avoid unnecessary situations.


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