Fire Extinguishers & Fire Fighting Equipment Certified Installation & Maintenance

There are several million portable Fire Extinguishers in use around the UK and a Fire Extinguisher must be serviced regularly if it is to remain effective in case of a fire. Frequently it is the failure by a company to undertake adequate Fire Extinguisher Servicing which is cited as the cause of a failure to contain a fire. And the problem generally lies with an inadequate fire extinguisher servicing regime. Never forget that once that fire starts, it’s too late to rue the fact that you intended to arrange Fire Extinguisher Servicing but never managed to get round to it.

Fire Safety Direct will ensure that your Fire Extinguisher Servicing happens on time, every time – which will ensure that when they are needed, your fire extinguishers operate first time and to their maximum efficiency

So you can expect our fully trained engineers to provide high quality testing and general maintenance to all of you Fire Fighting Equipment and Extinguisher as well as advice on how to increase your protection against fires.


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